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My favourite inanimate object? Kinky. 

Nah, really it’s gotta be my camera. I love photos, taking them, looking back at them. Capturing every second of my beautiful girls life on film is my joy right now. 

Muddy, sunny, loved-up festivals. 

Muddy, sunny, loved-up festivals. 

And so to tumblr….

Well, it’s official. I have a tumblr. At this time, I am not 100% sure what a tumblr is, what is does, or what it smells like but i’m sure as time goes on it will develop into something beautiful. 

Basically, I have lots of thoughts and words floating in my brain sometimes. 140 characters or a facebook status doesn’t always clear the cobwebs, so I figure a blog where I can rant and sing might help. I don’t expect anyone to actually read it, but that doesn’t really matter. 

Not really sure how to start. My name is Katie, I am older than I wish I was, but pretty young still. I have a man, and I have a girl and I love them both so much it makes me feel like I’ll explode sometimes. Today, I had a lovely veggie BBQ and watched my girl (we can call her Moosh) be the beautiful 10 month old soul she is. I have just finished eating a chocolate guitar. I’ll probably talk about food a lot. One day it might become apparent why. 

So… I guess that’s it for now. Off to explore this new cyber dimension.